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Aerva technology consists of offerings in operating system, server cloud, mobile and web applications.

There are five modular components that deliver a seamless offering:

  1. AerChannel platform
  2. Player software
  3. Administrative user interface
  4. Virtual servers and the cloud
  5. Portfolio of Aerva widgets and custom widgets

The core of the system architecture is the AerChannel platform that runs in the server cloud and communicates with media players connected to displays. Key modules include the Network Engine to communicate between servers and players, the Scheduling Engine to play dynamic content, and the Content Management Engine to manage uploads, transcoding, search and tagging of media files.

Each player consists of the Display Engine, which helps render the final content to the screen. It also receives control messages coming into the player and reports playback and health data back to the servers. The MoApp Interactivity Engine manages all connectivity to mobile carriers and dynamic data feeds for the entire network.

AerWave is the enterprise-class product built on top of the AerChannel platform and is comprised of a powerful Administrative GUI (graphical user interface) compatible on any browser. Aerva hosts the AerWave servers in a highly-secure cloud environment. These servers control the content delivered to each player via any connection (wired, wireless, cellular). The servers also distribute system software upgrades, thus making updates to player software easy and cost-effective. The following diagram shows how two venues, A and B, may be connected and how Venue B could have applications that allow interactivity on the phones.

Network topology where screens are provided by the customer. Nodes are licensed by customers, Root Nodes and Wireless Gateway operated by Aerva

Network topology where screens are provided by the customer, players are licensed by customers, and the server cloud and wireless gateway are operated by Aerva

AerWave has a widget API (application programmer interface) that allows for the creation of innovative and dynamic widgets that run on the players. Aerva and authorized content partners use this API to integrate social media services, such as Twitter and Facebook, or proprietary feeds and streams with onscreen content.