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Display Network Management Platform

Display Networks

What is AerWave?

AerWave is an easy-to-use, web-based platform for managing and scheduling content on networked displays, with integration for social media, real-time data feeds, and mobile interactivity. It features robust content management, easy scheduling, and a powerful network operations system that is served from Aerva's Cloud services.

Manage Content for you screen

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Find us on

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Find us on

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Easily Build a Network of Displays!

Access your media players from anywhere via a web browser, easily scaling to grow your display network. Aerva's AerWave interface is intuitive to help you create custom layouts with your media content. The cloud-based service lets you manage your network of displays remotely from any web-browser. The innovative technology allows campaigns to easily run on multiple platforms including web, mobile, digital signage networks, and digital-out-of-home.


Program Editor

The AerWave user interface is intuitive to use with drag-and-drop features and custom layouts. Whether you are making quick changes or doing heavy design, the feature-rich timeline and layout editor will make managing your network or your campaign a breeze.

Playlists provide interesting and dynamic playback options for a list of content, such as random playback and time-activated content.

AerWave Program Editor

Content Library

AerWave supports many different content types and gives you the ability to mix-and-match for maximum effect.

Videos (MPEG, AVI, QuickTime, H.264), Audio (MP3, WAV), Images (JPEG, GIF, PNG), Flash files, External websites, Live TV/Video Input (PAL, NTSC). Special content types called Playlists allow you to create small segments of mixed media to be reused in many different programs. Playlists can play in order or shuffle, and they can also normalize volume levels for video and audio files.

AerWave Content Library


Aerva uses industry-standard encryption technology and the best engineering practices to ensure that your content and network assets are as secure and reliable as possible. Data transmitted between media players and Aerva servers is encrypted using SSL. In addition, our highly-trained support team monitors all connected systems 24/7.

AerWave Security

Reports and Scheduling

AerWave has powerful web-based reporting capabilities, whether you need an audit trail for where and when your content played or you need mobile activity reports or picture upload results from widgets like Poll2Screen or Pic2Screen. Export CSV files of the reports for future post-processing.

The graphical media scheduler allows unlimited control over time and recurrence using a familiar calendaring interface, so dayparting is quick and straightforward. Recurrence, event exceptions, and end-by-date are all part of the powerful scheduler to make your life easy.

Reports and Scheduling

Add Aerva Widgets

Engage your viewers with dynamic, user-generated content on your displays. Our popular widgets include Poll2Screen, Pic2Screen, Text2Screen, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, Facebook, Weather, QR code, and more.

Use Aerva Widgets to bring dynamic data, mobile interactivity and social media to your network of digital displays. Aerva Widgets are simple to add and can be customized. Since some of Aerva's interactive widgets allow user-generated content (UGC) to reach your display network, Aerva provides a web-based content moderation tool that can be used to moderate incoming text, image and videos. Dynamic data widgets can pull in real-time data from your corporate databases or from data feeds like weather, traffic, news, sports and more.

Add Aerva Widgets