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Chicco - Ad Campaign
Chicco - Campaign Website, Video Submisson

Parents could submit their baby videos at Chicco USA website.
Our moderation and transcoding engine made it ready
for the Times Square billboard

Chicco - The American Eagle board in Times Square, NYC

Aerva software platform managed the Chicco campaign
on the American Eagle board and also sent back Keepsake Photos
to parents. Ready to be shared via email or on Facebook or Twitter

Digital Out-Of-Home
Ad Campaign for Chicco

Chicco, an Italian purveyor of baby products, and McCann Erickson, its agency selected Aerva to provide a full technology platform to drive user-generated baby videos from Chicco website to American Eagle LED board in Times Square as part of an innovative campaign to increase Chicco brand awareness in the US.


While Chicco is a top baby products world over, in the US it is not a recognized brand. Hence, Chicco wanted to re-introduce the brand starting with the correct pronunciation of Chicco.


As part of the "Babies introduce Chicco to the US" campaign, parents are urged to submit videos of their babies saying the brandname Chicco, pronounced "KEE-ko," at their website Aerva's platform of digital out-of-home, mobile and social media allowed for timely and risk-free execution of the campaign, which consisted of taking user-generated content (UGC) and managed through the Aerva content management system. The videos are made available on website gallery and also displayed on the American Eagle LED board in Times Square. Aerva's technology also captured the best "Keepsake Photograph" to send back to the parents, which allowed them to share on Twitter and Facebook.

The month-long campaign, ending March 16, 2011, showcased UGC baby videos on the giant, 12-panel American Eagle LED board in Times Square, NYC. Aerva also provided metrics to the brand and it agency on UCG submissions, % accepted/rejected, and how many parents used their Keepsake Photo emails to share on social media like Facebook and Twitter.


Chicco was very pleased with the "Babies introduce Chicco to the US" campaign and the take-up was very strong by parents wanting to see their babies' videos on American Eagle board. This campaign lays the groundwork for other campaigns throughout 2011 and beyond in the US.

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